CNC milling service

CNC milling service

Design, research and development, production integration


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Copper,Hardened Metals,Precious Metals,

Stainless Steel,Steel Alloys,Carbon Steel


 roaching, Drilling, Etching / Chemical Machining, Laser Machining, Milling, Other Machining Services, Turning, Wire EDM, Rapid Prototyping 

 Equipment: Precision Industry now has nearly one hundred high-precision 540-2500 CNC vertical machining centers,20 CNC lathes,2 NCT CNC punching machines,There are 23 Haitian injection molding machines 80T-1000T, and it has its own independent oxidation plant.

Testing instruments include three-dimensional, two-dimensional, digital micrometer, dial indicator, hardness tester and other commonly used measuring instruments;

Processes:Aluminum extrusion --- Cutting --- NCT --- CNC --- Drilling ---- Tapping ---- Brushing --- Polishing --- Sandblasting --- Oxidation --- Screen Printing / Laser Carving --- Package Inspection --- Assembly

Injection molding --- fuel injection --- silk screen / laser carving --- package inspection --- assembly


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