CNC precision machining and maintenance measures

As everyone knows, everything needs to be maintained, which makes the use of things long and difficult to use. However, CNC machining centers are also the same. The correct operation and maintenance of CNC equipment is one of the key factors for the correct use of CNC equipment. It can prevent abnormal wear and tear of machine tools and avoid sudden failures in proper operation. Daily maintenance and equipment are well maintained. The technical state, delaying the deterioration process, timely discovering and eliminating hidden troubles, and always ensuring safe operation.

Specific operational requirements for CNC precision machining

First, the use environment of numerical control equipment In order to improve the service life of numerical control equipment, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, to avoid places that are too humid, excessive dust or corrosive gases. Precision CNC equipment should be kept away from equipment with high vibration, such as punching and forging equipment.

CNC precision machining

Second, a good power supply guarantee In order to avoid the impact of large fluctuations in power supply (greater than ± 10%) and possible transient interference signals, CNC machining equipment is generally powered by dedicated lines (such as separate from the low-voltage distribution room for CNC machine tools) Or the addition of a voltage regulator, etc., can reduce the impact of power quality and electrical interference. Recommended reading: CNC precision machining process tooling trace solution

III. Procedures for Effective Operation In the use and management of CNC machine tools, a series of practical and effective operating procedures should be formulated. For example, lubrication, maintenance, rational use and standardized handover system are the main contents of the use and management of numerical control equipment. Formulating and complying with CNC precision machining procedures is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools. Practice has proven that many faults can be reduced by adhering to operating procedures.

Post time: Oct-09-2019