How to understand mechanical CNC machining?

Commonly used in machining: car, milling, drilling, grinding, planing. But most of us do cars, milling, drilling, etc. There are two kinds of CNC parts processing: one is the box body, the disc shaft type is relatively single, and the tool is relatively small, such as CNC lathe machining (or ordinary lathe processing). However, it usually happens that when there is a combination of a box and a tray, it is easy to be confused. In fact, as long as we have a mind to think about it, it is customary to use the milling machine. Then milling the machining of Shenzhen. Due to the low cost of the lathe, the processing cost is relatively low. From the experience of the matching knife program I know, there are several selection methods.

1. First of all, we must follow the drawings to request Shenzhen mechanical processing, understand the CNC machining process, from the face to the point and step by step to select the tool, pay special attention to: a car when I am outside the circle should pay attention to copy processing and grooving Be sure to avoid the contact between the back and the back of the workpiece. The most important consideration for the lathe is the contact with each surface and the chip removal. If you can avoid the machined surface or the tool tip can complete its cutting route, it will be processed. Requested. b Most of the considerations during milling are the accuracy of the profiling and machining, as well as various special requirements;

2, when a variety of tools can meet the processing requirements, we have to save the library from two aspects: a our current library, this is preferred because it can reduce our library: b select lower cost, so Customers can accept that our price wins are relatively large.

3. When you are equipped with a knife, you must know: Which ones are expensive? Which ones are ordered once or not long? a If the customer first considers the price, then choose one-time order or less order, and the quality will be cheaper, choose a cheaper knife, etc.; b if the customer first considers If the quality of Shenzhen machining is better, choose a better one, that is, the tool bar should be imported from the original; C-blade and other consumables are the main source of our future development. The selected brand must be ours. have advantage of.

Turning tools: Turning tools are the most widely used tools in metal cutting. It can machine the outer circle, end plane, thread, inner hole on the lathe, and can also be used for grooving and cutting. The turning tool can be divided into a whole turning tool, a welding assembled turning tool and a mechanical clamping blade turning tool, and can be divided into a machine tool turning tool and an index turning tool. The mechanical clamping tool has stable cutting performance and workers do not need to sharpen the knife, so it is used more and more in modern production.

Copy turning of complex parts: In Shenzhen machining, some complex parts have complicated CNC machining parts, and sometimes require the operator to machine the workpiece in the shortest time, especially difficult. The processing of workpieces is more complicated. To this end, manufacturers are constantly looking for more cost-effective ways to machine complex parts, including turned parts. The advancement of CNC lathe machining has enabled us to program almost imaginable toolpaths. But as the tool moves along these trajectories, the relationship between the tool and the part (cutting angle, feed rate, cutting speed and depth) continues to change, so the key to solving the above problem is how to be most effective and economical. Way to turn complex parts.

Post time: Oct-09-2019