What are the processes of precision metal processing?

In our lives, we can see many hardware products, such as car models, aluminum alloy casings, mobile phone accessories, etc., and the hardware materials used in the electronics, watches and aerospace industries must be sophisticated. In order to be able to get sophisticated hardware materials, then, what are the processes of precision metal processing shared by Pengyu Machinery staff?

1. In order to be able to process the required precision hardware, before processing the precision hardware, you need to carefully check the hardware drawings to familiarize yourself with the shape and size of the precision metal parts you need to process. In addition, you need to be familiar with the production equipment of hardware.

2. Cutting material is the material that is selected according to the size and processing technology of the hardware to be processed.

3, processing precision hardware is to put the next good material into the processing equipment, according to the size of the precision hardware to process the raw materials

4. The surface treatment of the hardware parts is to polish, polish, spray or electroplate the surface of the processed precision hardware.

The process of precision metal processing has been shared here today. In fact, precision hardware is relative to ordinary hardware materials. Precision hardware refers to hardware products with high precision requirements. The larger feature is that Precision, that is, the tolerance must be within 0.05mm.



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Post time: Oct-09-2019